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Trapped In the Future!!

Written by Satie
Illustrated by Maddy

Trapped in the Future

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

The Time Portal

One day at the park there was a guy named Sam. Sam was a simple guy until now… even though Sam moved out of his parents house his parents always call him to do errands and everything, Like cleaning the windows, fixing their car, and getting the groceries. He was sick of it but he still loved his parents.

This time they asked Sam to watch the new pet bird named Leo while they were on vacation.

Leo Bird

On the way to 32 Bow St in Salem MA, something felt wrong. Sam could not think of what it was. He tried to remember did i forget the keys? He had a weird feeling. He drove a little faster.
The speed felt so great. Sam loved to drive fast. He was enjoying himself so much that he didn't notice how fast he was going. He was shocked when he looked at the speed and it was almost 90 miles per hour. Sam decided to slow down for the rest of the trip. Better to be safe than sorry.

When he finally got to his destination it felt so good to be out of the car. He had been driving for a while and had hit a lot of traffic on the way. It was not a long drive but he was still glad it was over. That strange feeling still hadn't gone away.
“Ahhh” he said taking a deep breath while closing the car door.

Sam was confused. He had been to this house thousands of times, this was the only time he felt strange being here. It was the same house; kind of. Sam noticed that there was a new addition added to the house where the driveway used to be, and a new fence that somehow made the house look a little bigger.
He peeked around the side of the house to see his favorite part of the house where it always was. In the far corner of the backyard he parents had installed a pool. He loved his parents pool. He never understood why they never seemed to want to go in. Even on the hottest days in the summer, his dad would just sit on the deck as he played in the coolness of the pool.
Sam's heart almost stopped.
"Where is the pool?" he thought to himself.

Sam's felt his heart starting to race. He felt himself starting to get upset. He wasn't angry. He felt more like a small child that just noticed that they can't see their parents in a crowd.
He couldn't quite put his finger on it. Their house and car looked so different. Sam wondered to himself "When did they get a new car; no they couldn't have. They sent a pic last week of their car asking of me to fix it and I did. The house, could they have moved? No they did not give me an address."
Sam checked his phone and was surprised. When he looked it was not 2011 it was 2021!!

"What happened to the time?" Sam wondered.. “Am i dreaming?” he thought to himself. "Was I was driving for ten years?"

Sam bravely walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell.

Chapter 2

The Big Problem!

Sam rang the doorbell.
That's strange he thought. The doorbell didn't sound like that before. Someone answered the door. Instead of Sam's parents he was surprised to see a strange man at the door. “Who are you and what are you doing in my parents house?" Sam demanded.

“Ok buddy; you must have got the wrong house because this is my house”, the guy answered back.

“Who are you talking to Dwayne?" asked a woman

“Someone that thinks we are in there parents house Alex”, the man said.

Two people came down the stairs. "Who is this person?, Is this your friend?”, asked the two little girls.

No Sadie, no Maddy” said Alex.

“But mom who is he then?” Sadie asked again.

“I do not know, go put your mask on” Alex said again getting a little frustrated at having to ask so many times.

"Mask?” asked Sam confused. He did think it was strange that everyone was walking around with doctors masks on their faces, but then again; he was in Salem.
Salem is known for Halloween so he thought maybe it had something to do with preparing for Halloween.

“Umm yah it's Corona virus”, said sadie running back away from the maskless stanger at the door.

“You must not be from around here” said Alex

“Bark bark bark!!!”

A loud barking dog startled Sam. “What was that?” he asked.


“Oh that?" answerd D'wayne as he left to go to toward the barking dog. "That was just our dog Leo! Hey Alex do you think this might be the guy?” he asked.

"Leo?" thought Sam; "Leo is my parents bird's name. Can I see him?” asked Sam. He didn't know why he asked to see the strange dog. He usally didn't like dogs. He thought it was strange that the pets in this house are always named Leo. He thought he should at least get a look at the dog.

“Ok!" Sadie exclaimed.

A big dog on a leash came into view,“You got him sadie?” asked Dwayne.

“Yes dad” Sadie answered.

Sam thought to himself "Wow, That’s a huge dog. I wonder how he and Leo would get along?"

Just as he had that thought Sadie's voice brought him back to reality.
“Do you wanna pet him? It's ok and he just loves people he likes to jump up on people too.” said Sadie “Leo sit good boy Leo who's a good boy!!” .

“bark bark woof woof “

It's ok Leo” said Maddy.

“grrrrrr BARK”
“LEO!!!!” yelled Sadie.

“Do not bark at visitors!!”said Maddy. "bark”replied Leo. “Sorry he is only a puppy so he doesn't have good manners”, Maddy added.

Sam started to fell upset again. There were people living in his parents house that were not his parents, and the weirdest thing of all wass his clock was ten years fast.

Chapter 3

The Talk
the talk

Sam stood outside shivering a little. He wasn't cold, he was scared. He was trying to be brave, but then felt totally embarrassed when he heard “Come in you look like you are freezing” from Alex; “but first put this on please.” she added.

“Uh, ok” said Sam as he took the mask from Alex. As Sam entered the house, it looked more different than it did from the outside. “ Come with me and maddy to our playroom!” shrieked Sadie “Come on, come on” Maddy said while pushing him to a door.

Where are we going? What did you do to the house? Why is there a door here?” questioned Sam.
"You'll see” said Sadie. Sam felt a small hand him give him a hard shove into the room. As he looked around at all the toys he was again a little surprised. The girls had toys he had never seen before like ponies that could move around on their own, and huge vehicle toys that were unlike anything he had ever seen. Their TV was massive. They had a 55 inch flat screen mounted on the wall. Was that the Xbox One? That wasn't supposed to come out until 2013!! How did they get "Oh right" he thought to himself.
Sam was really starting to get a little scared. The girls were friendly, and after explaining to their parents why he was there they asked him to come in. Even though the story he told made no sense to them, their mom had invited him in.

“Listen dude.I don't know where you come from or even what your name is; so lets talk. Tell us all about you!”said Sadie . Sam started to explain, “Ok so my name is Sam and I was in the year 2011, but now its 2021 and-” ...
"Hold on, 2011???" Sadie interupted, "That is when i was born!”br “sis!” corrected Maddy.
“Oh sorry keep on going Sam” Sadie said only a little quieter.
Satie and Maddy had been on quarantine for almost a year from Corona Virus at this point. They had no visitors that were not family members come to their house at all. Now that they had the chance to talk to someone that wasn't related to them, they were not going to let it get away.

“Ok and I don't know what caronu virus even is!?!” said Sam.

“You must really be from the past if you have never heard of Covid-19. It sounds like your in a time loop going in the future." Maddy responded.

Sam could not get over how different the house was from how he remembered it. The room they were in should have been where the bathroom was. The new addition made the whole thing unfamiliar.

I must be in the wrong place the house ism't even the same, but what's up with the time, thought same. "The house looks different than I remembered. Maybe I am in the wrong place."

"We had to do a lot of work to it. It had flooded before and my parents bought it and fixed it up." Satie said.

"Wait, did you say the house had flooded." Sam asked.
"Yeah, the people who lived here before went shopping and left their bird in the house. Their son was supposed to come over and watch it or something and he never showed up. They left the house and when they came back the house was filled with water and the bird was sitting on the roof. They never saw their son again." Sadie explained.

Sam felt awful. He was going to show up. He was on the way there, but ended up here instead. "You must be the son huh." predicted Maddy.

"I was on my way to their house, but I ended up here." Sam said, starting to sound upset. "I think I get it now Maddy", said Satie.
"Me too" agreed Maddy
"Understand what?" asked Sam.
"You helped name our dog."

Sam was starting to dispair. Nothing was making any sense. Time was wrong, and he just found out that something horrible had happened in the past,or was it the future?
Trying to figure it out was giving him a headache. "I don't understand. Would someone explain to me what is going on?"

Chapter 4

The Answer

"Come with us." both girls commanded.
The girls led Sam out of the house, down the back stairs. He looked over and was very sad to see the empty spot that used to have a pool in it. Sam guessed that this new family just didn't want a pool and filled it in. The pool really was one of the things he loved most about his parents house. He was really starting to dislike these people.

Sadie opened a door that led under the deck. There was a small door there that was very familiar to Sam. He used to play in this room when he lived here. This was his playroom. He didn't have wall mounted TVs or Xbox Ones though.
Satie pushed the door opened and jumped down into the room, as did Maddy and Sam. "Wow everyone else trips right there. You must be the guy." Maddy said confidently.
"What guy?"asked Sam. He was a little tired of being the only one not knowing what's going on. Even though the story he told the girls parents sounded completely crazy to him when he thought about it; it seemed as if they were expecting him.
"How did you get here Sam?"Satie asked.
"I drove."Sam answered.
"Do you want to go back home?"
"Yes, very much" he answered.
"Well I want a pool. When the house flooded, your parents were so sad they filled in the pool because they said it was more for you that for them."
"I don't get it." Sam said, starting to run out of patience with the whole situation.

Maddy flipped on a light switch, and Sam could hardly believe his eyes.

He thanked Sadie and Maddy and rushed back to his car. He started it up and rushed back toward home.

Chapter 5

Home at Last

Sam pulled into his parking spot in front of his house. he was surprised to see that everything wasn't just as he had left it.
Maybe it hadn't worked. He hadn't taken in his garbage can before he left and it was now tucked neatly in place next to the door.
He walked into his living room and sat on the couch. He thought about what he was going to do. It was now 2021. He had caused his parents house to flood all because he got there to late..."
Sam paused and looked for his phone. He left it in the car. On his way to get his phone a smell caught his nose. It was the same smell that had caused him to wake up that morning. He had thrown leftover chinese food in the trash and it had started to smell. He had taken the trash out and set barrel on the curb, but now the trash was still in the house.
He dashed down to the car and grabbed his phone. He held his breath while he checked the date.
Oct 5, 2011. He jumped back in the car. This time Sam took his time going to his parents house. He knew he could make the trip in 35 minutes if he wanted to, but he chose not to. He did not pass another car on the way. He stopped a few times to let people cross the street in front of his car.
When he pulled up to 32 Bow Street this time, he saw his Dad's car and his Mom's SUV parked in the driveway. There was no addition sitting where the driveway used to be. His pool was still in the back where it was supposed to be.
He walked up the driveway and rang the bell. He didn't have to wait long before he knew everything was alright.
He heard Leo say "GET THE DOOR!".
That was it!!
As soon as his dad answered the door Sam rushed past him and out the back door. He went down to his old playroom and scribbled on the wall. "Sam, drive home fast, drive back slow. Sadie, name your dog Leo."