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Welcome to MadiSay

We are sisters on quarantine. We are sooo bored dad made us a website to keep us busy. Now we have to keep coming up with stuff for him to put on it. We would rather play on our iPads, but we do like sharing our picures and stories so we can work with him for a little while...

Please excuse the Stardust! We Are Getting Ready

Hello World. Thanks for Stopping by. We are Maddy and Satie. We take tons of pictures but we can't show anyone because of Corona Virus; but our Dad is a big geek and he gave us this place to play on the web so now we can post our pictures.
When we are not taking pictures we like to play Roblox and watch TV. When we are home we play on our iPads a lot, so mom takes us out on tons of adventures.
One of our favorite adventures was when we went to Greece.

Here is a picture of us in Greece.

Here are more pictures of our day in Athens.

We are in the process of getting this ready to present. It's going to be great.

You can visit my dad's site if you want. We think it's boring, but he likes it...

We think our family is the best. We usually have lots of fun and do lots things together, but we are not able to to do normal things because it's not safe yet. We have pleny of pictures from things that we've already done though. We will just have to go through our pictures and find some to share with you. Here are some pictures to fill the space while we get our site Dressed.

Random Family Pictures

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